Having worked with Nic on improving my game the past few months, I am glad I made the right choice. Not only is a sound swing crucial to overall improvement, it is but part of a holistic approach to golf that includes building up the mental and physical strength. Nic emphasises these, and would even go the extra mile for the players who look up to him as mentor. Besides his charisma, Nic has been able to communicate his ideas and concepts in golf to all levels of players, using easy to comprehend analogies that not only build confidence, but also eliminates doubts. Under his patience and guidance, golf could never be more fun. Thank you Coach Nic! Cheers!

Alwyn Lee

There are very few golfing mentors who really take time to engage the people they teach. Nicholas is one of them. He studies your swing and can tell you what changes are necessary to optimise it. He is willing to try new ideas and not stick to textbook methods.

One of his strengths is that he knows how to tailor his teaching style according to your learning style. Regardless of whether you are a technical or feel player, he is able to communicate instruction in a way you can understand.

Andre Ng